Does It Really Work?

Most common question….. “But, does it really work?”
You might not like my answer – because it’s the truth.
Any plan works if you follow through with it. I canNOT guarantee that if you go on the 21 day plan, that it will work. Especially if you don’t follow the rules.
Everything works that way.
You can save monee if you actually follow a budget.
You can lose weight if you actually follow a plan and stick to it.
You can get all fit an secxy if you again…. follow the plan and stick to it….
You can EARN more monee if you do something to improve your skills.
What if I had a plan for you – for only a week? That would give you a chance to “try it on”….
Just ask.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny
PS – Grab a buddy and have some fun with Tony and me 😉 Double time is available. Who says you have to workout alone at home?

This Email Contains a Nasty Bug

A Holiday Gift.
From the whole Ginny fam.
Not the flu (short for influenza…. which is a respiratory virus, not a stomach virus)…..
But some other very nasty virus which SEEMS like the flu. Aches, fever, clogged sinuses and lungs, and a cough that lasts at least 2 weeks.
My son missed his Cross Country finals because of it and some school – so did my daughter (missed school) – and both the hubs and myself missed work.
We NEVER call in sick.
But – we did.
So – bless you my friend – passing it on….
Pretty crazy – how contagious these things are. But even worse? Is how contagious the Whining bug is.
Scroll your fakebook feed, read some whining. Or better yet – click the fake news stuff on the right side of your fakebook feed.
See what happens?
It’s contagious.
How about hanging OUT with them – in PERSON. ??
I hope you get over this outrageously contagious virus quickly and come back on the positivity train…. because that’s the only place to make progress.
Believe me – I know. Guess where I’ve BEEN? Yup – didn’t work out. didn’t eat right…. Well – it IS a valid excuse because exercise when you have something like that actually may cause a relapse….
I’m on the mend – and I’m not hanging with the whiners. They drag you DOWN. SO – let’s DO something to keep going over the Holiday season. Want to come with me?
Just ask.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny

Best Foods To Eat Before Secx

Hint…. it’s NOT Beans….
Kind of obvious?
It’s NOT garlic or soda….
Again – obvious?
1…. beets. The high nitrate content helps engorge the pleasure-making-organs. Eat some like 90 minutes before getting hot and busy.
2…. dark chocolate. Increases blood flow.
3….. pine apple. Just makes things sweeter.
4…. a little red wine. (not too much – cause well – you know)….
If you incorporate these foods into your diet and count them with your handy containers, hmmmmm…. wonder how much better your secx life would be? tee hee hee
Haven’t scheduled the next challenge yet – but hey – next 21 day one should be coming up soon. Just say so.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny
PS – My next challenges are on the events part of my facebook page above. Go there and tell me you’re in. 🙂

10 Minute Headache Relief

So – I have 2 answers to this question (more like an exclamation) – MOM! I have a headache! (crying face)
There’s the easy – pop-a-pill – answer.
But – there are other things that cause headaches….
In kids?! It’s most often dehydration. So – drink some water, my sweet child.
If it’s not dehydration and not sinuses… there are other ways to get rid of what’s called a tension headache…
Second most often-heard-complaint from my kids is the, “I’m tired and just don’t FEEL good” complaint…. the answer to THAT one isn’t quite as simple… because it’s their lifestyle and what they choose to eat.
Don’t judge me, super-mom, I DO have junk food in the house because there are other people in the house that INSIST on having junk food available for all those wonderfully stimulating activities – like watching TV.
Method #1 for headache relief – I got from a message therapist…
***place two tennis balls in a sock. Lay down with the sock sideways just below the back of your head. The two tennis balls will give a gentle traction, and the pressure of the balls can help relieve headaches, neck pain, and upper back discomfort.
Method #2 – from Livestrong….
*Foam roll your upper back. *Foam roll your lower back. *Stretch your head and neck *Do the shoulder and upper-back stretch *Do the side body stretch
Don’t know these stretches? ahhhhh but my friend – you learn them all in various kinds of workouts.
Foam rolling? Learned in P90X2.
Don’t have foam rollers? Get them here:
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny
PS – My next challenges are on the events part of my facebook page above. Go there and tell me you’re in. 🙂

What Time Does a Duck Wake Up?

At the quack of dawn! Of Course!
Bahahahaha….. corny I know.
But – I just discovered a secret that you might want to know – about ducks.
It’s duck EGGS.
I found out that people – SOME people – so you’ll want to be careful…. but duck Eggs are “less allergenic” and “more nutritious” than chicken eggs.
Interesting right?
Because they’re bigger – there’s more….
6x the vitamin D 2x the vitamin A More vitamin K2 2x the good cholesterol
Get them from your local health store… and try them.
I heard 2 stories now – of people that are allergic to chicken eggs – but able to eat duck eggs.
Use them in your mealplan and join my next 21-day challenge. Starts Monday! So move fast so you can plan. A simple reply will suffice.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny
PS – My next challenges are on the events part of my facebook page above. Go there and tell me you’re in. 🙂