Best Foods To Eat Before Secx

Hint…. it’s NOT Beans….
Kind of obvious?
It’s NOT garlic or soda….
Again – obvious?
1…. beets. The high nitrate content helps engorge the pleasure-making-organs. Eat some like 90 minutes before getting hot and busy.
2…. dark chocolate. Increases blood flow.
3….. pine apple. Just makes things sweeter.
4…. a little red wine. (not too much – cause well – you know)….
If you incorporate these foods into your diet and count them with your handy containers, hmmmmm…. wonder how much better your secx life would be? tee hee hee
Haven’t scheduled the next challenge yet – but hey – next 21 day one should be coming up soon. Just say so.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny
PS – My next challenges are on the events part of my facebook page above. Go there and tell me you’re in. 🙂


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