Lack of Motivation, What Can You Do?

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation

Something You Can Do About Your Lack of Motivation

You start a new exercise routine and new diet and you’re TOTALLY psyched for it.  Maybe that lasts a week or two and then you start skipping the routine, having your chocolate bar, or whatever your old bad habits were. You start to really have a lack of motivation.
If you’re a home business owner – the same thing happens.  You’re SO excited to share when you first get going, then this lack of motivation starts to show itself again.
Sound familiar?
Here are some reasons you quit or fall back into your old rut:
  1. The reason why you’re doing this isn’t really for YOU.  Or it’s not a good enough reason.  Why do you REALLY want to start business?  Start a new routine?  Get into shape? Quit smoking?  You need to have a PASSION for making this change and it also falls back on your basic philosophy of life.
  2. You start clinging to your excuses.  And you start MAKING excuses.
  3. You get bored…  isn’t that just another excuse?
  4. You don’t BELIEVE in what you’re doing because you’re not seeing results NOW.
  5. You blame other people or things and not yourself for failing. 
  I’ve been there.  You CAN break the cycle and change habits.  
That’s the keyword – HABITS.  A habit is a powerful thing.  It’s something you do without even thinking about.  Getting to that healthier goal is only doable by creating healthier habits.
My latest personal development book – The Slight Edge – has re-enforced this idea in my head and I’ve had people ask me about this very thing – in their lives OR in their business.
The answer is – change your habits, change your life.  Jeff Olson talks about the power of compounding a penny and how it can become millions.  It works the same in your life.
First key – is to figure out WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.  Is it the past holding you back?  Do you desire to be healthier and happier?  Or are you doing this only because someone said, “you could lose a little weight”.  Are you clinging to your excuses?
Your new habits need to have a DEEP meaning to you.  
Seriously – DO you want to be here for your kids when they’re grown?  Do you want to play and spend quality time with your grandkids?  Then STOP the unhealthy habits.  They compound to an UNHEALTHY future self.  Sure – having that afternoon candy bar won’t hurt you today, but when you have one every day?  It’s compound effects over time will kill you.
Here’s my challenge to you.  Take ONE habit TODAY and change it.   Stop putting cream in your coffee or go for a 10 minute walk today.  Just pick ONE thing.  Then – you can start building on that one thing.  Comment and tell me what you decided to change today.
If you’re jumping into my next Challenge Group – I want you to really THINK about every decision you make every day.  Ask yourself – Will this move me forward in my quest?  Or backward?
Kick your lack of motivation to the curb by making tiny decisions that move you in the right direction.  Start climbing UP the Slight Edge.
Did you find any of this helpful?  Feel free to share and comment.

~Ginny Krouth~ 

Your Online Marketing Buddy and Fitness Coach

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Pesticides in Food

Pesticides in Food

Can You Avoid Pesticides in Food?

And – Which Foods Should You Buy to Avoid Pesticides in Food?

So – I’ve seen “evidence” and “studies” on both sides of the coin.  Pesticides in food should be a concern – they’re made to kill living things.  It’s really up to you – but read on for what I learned …  and watch the video for a visual.

First – some of the things I learned over the years and from some of the articles listed below my post on Pesticides in food:

  • Pesticides in food have been linked to simple things like headaches and nausea and to diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s.
  • Pesticides are used to KILL living things.
  • Other toxins used on our food sources include fungicides for fungus infections and rodenticides for rodents.
  • Children are more susceptible to the hazardous effects.

I found a couple of lists to reference if you’d like to avoid pesticides. HOWEVER – stick around, because I also found articles saying that Organic isn’t necessarily better.

So – according to Scientific American, the “natural” Pesticides and Chemicals used in their process is in some cases even MORE toxic than the stuff conventional farmers use. AND some of the studies sited are really based on farmers and workers who are already exposed to more chemicals than most of us.

Also – we are exposed to more toxins in our own homes than any place else according to them.

Did you find this helpful?  Feel free to share and comment.

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Make it a healthy and happy day,



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Constantly Hungry

Constantly Hungry

Are You Constantly Hungry?

Do You Always Feel Hungry?

You’ve tried everything – you THINK.  You’re not losing weight. You’re constantly hungry and say to yourself, “screw it, I quit.”

And – you continue to eat all the same foods, keep all the same habits, never changing a thing because you’ve tried.  That’s it.  Is this you?  

Now – there COULD be medical reasons you always feel hungry – like diabetes, depression, worms, etc.  I’ve linked one article at the end of this post that talks about those reasons.

A majority of us, however, probably really have simple reasons for feeling constantly hungry.

  • Sleep deprivation:  If you’re not getting enough quality sleep, your body produces more ghrelin – a hormone that stimulates hunger.  Your body also produces less leptin which tells your brain you’ve eaten and suppresses appetite.
  • Eating too much processed food.  I read this somewhere, can’t remember where – but it has to do with the chemicals in processed food.  Eating food that’s actually FOOD will help.  Try suggestions from Eat This, Not That or just start making more food from scratch.
  • Stress:  Stress induces hunger, it’s true.  Stress produces hormones and brain chemicals (if you want the details, read some of the articles I posted at the end of this) that induce hunger.  Find other ways to deal with stress, or de-stress your life.  Do more yoga, meditation, play soothing music on the commute home.  Subscribe to Live Happy and learn ways to make your life better.
  • Too many carbs:  Chips, crackers, bread… all of these with the bleached flour in them, etc.  do not satiate you.  Your blood sugars go up and crash quickly leaving you to want even MORE carbs.  Stop the cycle and give your body more fresh fruit and veggies.
  • You’re dehydrated:  I KNOW this one is true because I’ve eliminated a lot of cravings by simply grabbing a tall glass of water.  Ever notice how you get the munchies drinking alcohol?  Alcohol dehydrates you too.  Avoid these hungries by giving your body the proper amount of hydration.
  • You’re not eating enough protein or healthy fat:  Both healthy protein and fat make you feel fuller.  Simple as that.  
  • You skipped a meal (how about breakfast?)  Skipping a meal stimulates that same hormone that sleep deprivation does and makes you want to eat MORE.  Don’t let too much time go by.  I usually eat something every 2-3 hours, however I’ve read that 4-5 hours is fine too.  
  • You eat too fast.  If you eat your food too fast, you’re not giving your brain enough time to know that you’ve eaten.  Sounds weird – but there is a delay between your first bite and when your brain knows you’ve eaten enough.  Wait 20 minutes before deciding to go for seconds.  (that can be hard I know! – drink some water while you wait LOL)

If none of these reasons or the reasons in the other articles help you – go see your doctor.  Maybe certain drugs you’re on are making you constantly hungry or maybe there are medical reasons that you need to address.


Did this help you?  If so – feel free to share.


Make it a Great Day! ~Ginny

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7 Tips to Help Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain, 7 Tips

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How will we get through the holidays without gaining a weight?  I hate the feeling after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our New Year celebration – that bloated, disgusting feeling of  holiday weight gain.  Here are a few things that can help you have healthy holidays… or I should say healthier Holidays.   You’ll find more tips at the end of this post if you need more to help you out.

  1. Have a snack before your big meals.  One of the mistakes a lot of us make is “saving” calories for the big family meal.  Then, we over-eat.  If you go ahead and have a healthy snack and a tall glass of water before your big Holiday meal, you can pick and choose your favorite foods without over-doing it.
  2. Savor every bite.  Chew it and enjoy the flavors.  Take your time and let your brain know that you’re eating and you’ll be satisfied quicker.  (or at least it seams that way)
  3. Use a smaller plate.  If you take a giant plate, you’ll think you have to fill it up.  Just don’t.
  4. Chew some gum.  Spearmint gum or something – after you eat will help with the sugar cravings.  And – speaking of sugar…
  5. Have your pie – but skip the crust.  It’ll save you a lot of calories.
  6. Exercise – even if it’s only a 10 minute stroll.  Get some motion into your day.  BUT – don’t use it as an excuse to overindulge, it will NOT counteract a giant glass of eggnog.
  7. Speaking of drinking – don’t overdue the holiday cheer either.  If you’re with some people that pressure you – drink a clear drink with fruit in it so that you can easily fill it with water without anyone knowing the better. Or – have a glass of wine with your dinner instead of the eggnog or other high calorie drinks.

Holiday Weight Gain can be avoided with a little self control and if you use small tricks to help you out all the better.

Did you find this helpful? Share with someone you think would like to avoid Holiday Weight Gain too!
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Ginny – Health and Fitness Coach and Home Biz Internet Marketer


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Exercises For Beginners, Modified Moves

Modified Exercises For Beginners
If you have an injury or something that prevents you from doing the moves in the DVD or Streaming workouts you’re doing at home, there are modifications you can make to the moves to make them doable for you.


CONSTULT Your Doctor before embarking on your fitness journey.  Especially if you’re a beginner.  That said – here are some modified exercises for beginners.

  • High Knees… in a lot of Beach Body Trainers’ videos, you run in place lifting your knees high.  If you’re knees can’t take the impact, simply march in place bringing your knees as high as you can.  As you build strength around your knees and as you build flexibility, you can lift higher, move faster, and work your way up to running in place.
  • Jumping Jacks…  Same as high knees – if your knees cant take the impact or you simply can’t jump (yet), step side to side, one foot at a time.
  • Jump Squats… Even really fit people have a hard time with these sometimes.  And they can be rough on your knees if you don’t do them right.  Lean up against a wall and keep your back straight on the wall.  Slide down the wall until you’re in proper squat position – OR as far as you can go.  Build strength in your legs before going to full squat.
  • Push-Ups…  There are 2 ways to modify pushups.  You can do them on your knees OR if you’re not strong enough for those yet, do incline pushups or do the pushups standing with your hands against the wall.  Remember – the whole point is to build strength and muscle, so make sure you only lighten the load enough that you can DO them but challenge yourself enough to build that muscle.
  • Mountain Climbers…  You do these the same as normal mountain climbers, BUT you SLIDE your feet instead of stepping or running in plank.  Use Strength Slides to do this.  If you can’t do plank at all because of your wrists – do them on an incline.
  • Pull-Ups… These are tough anyway!  Use resistance bands.  Wrap them around a door knob – or I’ve used them on the pullup bar.  When you’ve built up some strength using resistance bands, use a pullup assist band.


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Your Friend OnLine and Coach Ginny
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