11 Weird Weight Loss Hacks to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise

Here are 11 weird hacks to lose weight without dieting or exercise.  Of course, the goal IS to lead a healthier life style and food is definitely a REALLY important part – but these are some extra weird hacks I found that might help to lose weight without dieting or exercise.  I’ve tried a few as you’ll see in my vid below, but some I’ve never tried.

1. Sniff an apple, banana, or peppermint. From Dr. Hirsch’s Guide to Scentsational Weight Loss: – what I’ve done is chewed peppermint or spearmint gum and one of my more successful challenge participants does the same thing… when I’m having a craving, it’s been a great backup.

2. A number of French women wear a ribbon around their waist and under their clothes when they go out for dinner. It’d keep you conscious of how much you’re eating if the ribbon starts to feel tight.

3. Eat in front of a mirror. Not sure about this one – but maybe seeing yourself eating healthy will help OR maybe it’s so you see yourself being a pig.

4. Take a picture of your food. Interesting tip – instead of keeping a journal and writing it down – take pictures. I think this might be good for ME!

5. Light a vanilla scented candle at dinner – it supposedly helps dampen dessert cravings.

6. Imagining You’re Eating Food = Eating Less Food in Reality. This is based on the premise that if you’re presented with the same food over and over (visualizing) you’re desire to eat it is dulled. So before diving into that movie theater popcorn – picture yourself eating the whole giant bucket by yourself.

7. Add wrist weights when you blow dry your hair.

8. This one – many of my group members already know – have a buddy like your pet as a motivator to get out and walk. Some of my group members say they’re the most persuasive exercise buddies.

9. Drink a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning. One of my favorite hacks actually! You’re dehydrated in the morning. Think about it, you haven’t had anything to drink since yesterday. Adding fresh lemon juice gives you a dose on vitamin C plus more benefits.

10. Need sleep? Eat a kiwi. Not sure why – I guess there’s some research attached to the stylecaster link below where I found this one.

11. Put a background on your phone: Like this one:

Tweet: skinny girls look good in clothes…fit girls look good naked

#TuesdayTip put a motivating quote on your phone background to remind you af your goals.

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If you Find any of these weight loss hacks helpful to your goal, share with someone that might find them helpful.

Here are some of the sources I found some of these:

RD.com tips

Food Hacks at Wonder-How-To.com

StyleCaster Beauty and Life Hacks

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10 Hacks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

10 Hacks to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

I’ve had several questions about losing a LOT of weight.  I’m talking over 50lbs. And a lot of people have tried a lot of things only to gain the weight back.  The problem is they’re not really making changes to their daily habits.  How about you lose weight without dieting? Diet is kind of a dirty word to most of us that have tried a million fad diets.  So – it’s more appealing to lose weight without dieting.  Now- I’ve tried all kinds of weirdo diets, wafers, drinks, fad diets…  some of the people I’ve talked to have tried even more strange things.  How about we start simply.  Just take these small suggestions and implement them one at a time – making one small change to the way you live your life.  Once these are habits – up your game!

  1. Replace sugary drinks with water or flavored water.  No pop, no juices, no cream and sugar in your tea or coffee….  Now – I have some friends that literally don’t like water and refuse to drink it.  If you’re one of those and you really can’t stand it – do one of 2 things.
  2. Guzzle a big glass down in the morning as soon as you wake up (because you actually wake up dehydrated).  I do mean guzzle.  If you’ve ever been a drinker in college you might know how to down it without tasting it LOL!  Then guzzle another around lunch time, another around snack time in the afternoon… before supper, after supper…
  3. Flavor your water with a splash of juice, a twist of lime or lemon, a cucumber, berries.. whatever flavor you like that’s natural.  I’ll post a link at the bottom of this post with ideas I’ve found and used in the past to infuse my water with flavor.  Some people like to just carry a big jug of water around and sip from it all day.
  4. Start making it a habit to fill half your plate up with veggies.
  5. Take a Before picture and pin it to your fridge or your snack cupboard.  Or – better yet – eliminate junk food from your fridge and pantry if that’s an option.  I get it if you have a spouse that’s not supportive – but really – won’t it do them some good too?  Maybe you can come up with a compromise?
  6. Start substituting your most craved for junk foods with a healthier alternative.  Read “Eat This Not That” for lots of ideas.  Sometimes your cravings are from a lack of a certain nutrient too.  I think that’s why my shakes have reduced my cravings so much.
  7. This one’s a tad bit of a sensitive topic – but purge the toxic relationships from your life.  Or suggest to your binge-eating friends that maybe going for a walk would be a better way to spend your time.
  8. Instead of just sitting in front of the TV (or avoid it altogether) – OK – I know you have to watch your favorite sports team – try Tony Horton’s couch workout.
  9. Don’t shop hungry.  Have a healthy snack to help you avoid the candy bars and chips at the checkout.
  10. Enjoy your meals.  Appreciate your healthy foods and eat slowly.  Eat with your family at a table – not standing up or in front of a TV.  Being mindful of what goes into your body will go a long ways toward you eating healthier.
  11. Keep a journal.  Especially if you’re an emotional eater.  It’ll help you figure out your triggers – what makes you want to eat the bad stuff.
  12. Workout in the morning.  Schedule it.  Set your alarm so you have to get OUT of bed to turn it off. Eliminate the “I don’t have time” excuse.

BONUS:  Drink a healthy shake for one of your meals.  They’re easy and quick.  Check my Skinny Shop for possible meal replacement shakes you may want to try.

Celebrate any small progress.  You deserve it – but don’t celebrate with food – celebrate by doing something for you.

Tackle one small change at a time so each can become a part of your daily life.



PS.  Get my 21 healthy tips to help you re-enforce some of these ideas and a sample meal plan for when you’ve started to create healthier habits.

Here are some other sources for you to check out:


The Eat This Not That Book

Tony’s workout:


Meal Replacement Shake

You’ll gain the weight back

If you’re not changing your habits and you’re only relying on these meal replacement shakes as a tool to lose weight, YES.

If you go on a structured program like 21 Day Fix with Shakeology – and then go off it?  YES – you’ll gain it back.

On the other hand – I’ll just use me as an example – you’ve changed your habits and you use your shake as a supplement and easy meal FULL of nutritious ingredients – you MIGHT gain it back if you don’t stick to your plan forever or you might keep it off if you’ve found a way to keep the cravings at bay, give your body the real food it needs, and learn to enjoy healthy eating, you just might stay healthy and fit for a very long time.  Personally – I use a meal replacement shake every single day (unless I don’t happen to have it on hand – then I just make the best choices I can).

Your body wants REAL food

True!  This is very true – which is what I just said.  However – I’m going to confess here – that I’m kind of lazy and I have 2 kids that are in sports.  So – if you’re a Mom with kids in sports, you know what I’m talking about.  Yes – I’ve learned how to plan and whip up healthy meals in a jiffy BUT – there are times when an easy shake in the blender is way better than grabbing a sugary granola bar that only satiates me for an hour or less.  I LOVE having a shake and not just ANY shake mind you – on hand and ready for those times.

Shakes contain some scary ingredients

Yes – SOME of them do!  Do check ingredients AND check out Comsumer Reports for the more popular ones….   BUT – I found one that doesn’t.  It contains a TION of healthy stuff and actually gives my body nutrients I wouldn’t give it.  If you want to know more – watch some of the videos below this post to see what’s in Shakeology.

Shakes are gross

OK – this is a matter of opinion and taste.  I love the taste of Vanilla Shakeology but I’ve run into some people that don’t like shakes at all…  I will say – I don’t like it mixed with water.  But – if I mix it with almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or even skim milk – whole milk even! – I LOVE it.  And honestly – a cup of unsweetened versions of any of these don’t add that many calories.  I’m satisfied for hours.  Plus – If you follow the whole plan – I actually am too full to eat all the stuff ON my plan.  Is that crazy or what?

Shakeology is expensive

  1. If you sign up to be a coach, youi get 25% off which after crunching all the math – ends up being about $3 a day for your shake.
  2. If you sign up to be a coach, and work it a bit – (get other people using Shakeology) – you’ll get it free.

I’m not here to sell you on it – well kind of because I love the stuff – but wanted to give you my opinion.  If you’re a person that would like to add a shake to your diet, download my smoothie recipe document and free mealplan by signing up for your free 21 weeks of healthy tips.

If you’re a person that hates shakes and never wants to use one in their diet – sign up anyway and where it says “Shakeology” in the mealplan, replace it with a whole bunch of super foods and a healthy source or protein and use “real food” instead of a meal replacement shake.  I have those in there because that’s how I personally use them.


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8 Healthy Snacks

A Healthy Snack will Help Keep you Satisfied. Protein Snacks Keep You Satisfied Longer. Good Healthy and Filling Snacks for Your Healthy Meal Plan.


Have you ever come home from work or school and grab a bag of chips or something quick from the cupboard for a snack.  You’re hungry.  Sometimes you didn’t take the time to feed your body a healthy snack during the day or just plain not enough, or the wrong foods.  An hour after eating that not-so-healthy snack, do you feel hungry again?  What’s the difference between those snacks and a snack that will keep you more satisfied?  Protein.

Why Protein?

  • It helps keep blood sugar steady
  • It helps keep cravings at bay
  • It increases satisfaction and slows digestion

Now – I’m not really saying – eat nothing but protein because ANYTHING can be bad for you without moderation – what I am saying is that for us women especially…  well, me then if not you.  In the past when I’m trying to lose weight, I’d eat lots of salads, be hungry and end up binging.  By adding healthy protein and fat, I stay fuller longer and I have less of a tendency to want to grab the really bad snacks.  I hope this helps and you get value.  Feel free to share, comment, like,  tag, whatever is your preference if you think this will be helpful to someone.

Watch my Video to see what snacks I came up with for you and where I found them:

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4 Ways to Deal with Muffin Top

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Twitter, Marketing: @gk9062
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