Day 2 – BUTT

When everyone else says NO, YOU say YES!!
Most people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions.
Have you?
Or – did you have any in the first place?
I’m on day 2 of being obsessed – with myself…. my nutrition…. my health – being the best version of Ginny I can be.
And today – was all BUTT.
We worked the back of the butt, the side of the butt, the whole butt.
There’s a point in the workout where someone yells, “Pineapples”…. which is their secret code for, “STOP! I can’t do anymore!”
Butt – do they stop?
When you FINISH something – and DO the work – doesn’t it feel good? To know that you DID IT?
Feeling like you did it – is SO much better than the moment you QUIT.
When you feel like quitting – remember that it feels better to finish….
Find a new program and new recipes to try on
Keep things interesting and mix it up.

8 Tips to Getting Through To Spring

Day 1 of 80 Day Obsession – and I missed my workout already!
My internet wasn’t working. But – got to a high speed location and downloaded 7 to my phone. So – I reschedule and adjust.
That’s tip #2 for Week 1:
Be obsessed about working out – Schedule your workout everyday…. ahead of time.
MAKE the time in other words. I’ll still get it in – especially now that I downloaded it but that’s part of the process…. tweaking and learning during week 1 to get it all down to a system.
Here’s some more tips if you’re doing your own thing:
1. Be obsessed….. with that vision. Your bikini body? It’s in there. DO NOT LAUGH…. no goal is out of your reach if you want it bad enough. (besides that – you’ll hurt my feelings…. I might be closer to 50 than 40…. but I have a vision too)
2. Be prepared…. have what you need on hand. Prepare your food. Write down what your plan is.
3. Track your progress…. one guy stands in the mirror nood everyday to look at himself and he SAID by day FOUR he could already see changes. ??!!!
4. Be obsessed…. this is your mission. If any choice throughout the day isn’t in line with your mission… well – the choice is easy.
Finally ….
It’s HARD? It’s SUPPOSED to be. Nothing worth having is ever easy.
You missed day one – but you can always start your own journey at

Still Eating Doritos and Hershey’s?

There’s something to that.
Junk is addictive.
Junk has sugar in it.
Sugar is more addictive than crack.
Your brain actually craves and wants it…. that’s why it’s so hard to change your habits.
You have to take control of your brain….
And the secret is NOT willpower.
It’s vision.
Those of you that took my 5-step course on creating a new you – might know what I’m talking about.
As a requirement – and bonus – to coming with me on my next 80-day journey – I’ll walk you through those 5 steps. Live.
You just have to schedule a call with me to make sure you are really the right material for my next challenge.
Check my schedule:

Hot Lemon Water Drama Queen

There’s a drama queen in every bunch.

They like lots of attention.

Get tweeted and retweeted and shared.

The latest one – is drinking hot lemon water in the morning.

There are definitely benefits – but it’s not the weight loss fad everyone thinks it is.

It WILL help – but that’s it. Because – duh – it’s healthy.



*Lemon helps your body detox because it helps the digestive system.

*Lemon balances your body’s pH.

*The combination of warm liquid with the lemon wakes up your digestive tract – so it keeps things moving along.

*Vitamin C. (you know – the immunity and free-radical fighting stuff?)

So yeah – go ahead and drink it up every morning.

Don’t expect dramatic changes from this queen.

DO join my 80 day challenge. (you have to request a call and talk to me – cause this isn’t for everyone and I simply won’t accept everyone)

Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~

My Big Stupid Weight Loss Failure

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…” ~Rhett Butler
Unfortunately, this “failure” of mine repeats itself… probably as many times as that quote is used.
It really is the “I don’t give a damn…” attitude.
I’m in the grocery checkout – drooling on the chocolate bars and the “I don’t give a damn…” pops into my brain, I buy it – eat it – get that sick feeling….
Once would be ok.
But – once you dip into the sugar boat? Your brain instantly goes into that addictive mode. Seen it in my kids and myself.
Then – the “give a damn” gets contagious and spreads throughout the day, week, month…. and lo and behold the weight I so diligently took off creeps back on.
But – the thing is – I DO give a damn. I really, really do.
So – what to do?
1. Be aware of how your brain goes down that path…. figure out the trigger and replace it.
2. Always remember who you want to become. Practice visualization techniques – it tricks your brain into going down that path… to that person you want to BE. (sounds like hooey – but it works and it’s a proven psychological trick… Olympic athletes use it)
3. Replace the habit with something else. And – keep doing that. You might find something that works temporarily and need to change it up.
Example – instead of letting my brain follow that “I don’t give a damn…” path – I could stop…. literally stop – maybe even give myself a physical pinch or something….. and say, “food is fuel – let’s use good fuel and keep things running efficiently.” Maybe even simpler, “I DO give a damn – what’s another- better option?”
Does that help?
I’m going to recommend a book here – and it might not even make sense – but it really is a must read. It’ll change everything for you if you take it seriously.
Here it is:
If you fall down the “I don’t give a damn” hole, like me… another thing that might help….
4. Find a partner and have FUN losing the pounds.
This newest workout by the awesome Tony is out and it’s meant for you to do with kids, your hubby, your BFF, or anyone else you choose. Believe me – when you commit to doing something with someone else? All the more power….. and motivation.
Reply and ask about that one.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny