Death Metal Yoga Anyone?

The guys in her class? Like to be yelled at.
They don’t like the quiet, tranquil, traditional yoga class.
So – they come to this lady’s (lady? Google this death metal yoga and see what you think HA!)…. lady’s class in all shapes and sizes.
A new twist -but hey – whatever floats your boat.
This class is in NYC – so if you don’t live there – probably not a viable option. Maybe it’s on Youtube?
But – if learning some Yoga – the traditional way – is something you want to do….
Do it at home.
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Every Jump You Take

Every Squat You Make
Get’s you closer…..
It takes consistent action to reach a goal.
[Day 18] AAA (Abs, A**, Arms)
None of this is easy.
If it were easy – everyone would do it.
Every morning – I open my emails from my favorite writers. They’re Mom bloggers, copywriters, sales goo-roos-, marriage experts, and happiness experts.
One dude – who’s especially gruff (he tries for unsubscribes – love it)….
Went to a big ta-do…. and one of the exhibits (which took up 5 floors) was the “Pursuit of Happiness”….
50% = genetics
40% = thoughts / actions / behaviours
10% = rich / poor, healthy / unhealthy, married / not married
So – 50% you can’t control.
40% you CAN.
Only 10% is all the other stuff we doggedly pursue. The 40% is the only one that matters – because you can DO something about it.
Have a goal – work towards it. Take ACTION.
Every. Single. Day.
Humans are happiest when they have something to pursue. To work on.
You missed out on the 80-Day Obsession Challenge – but you can take a preview of it to see if it’s a program for you. The goal is to lift your butt and tighten your waist line.
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The Truth About Instant Gratification

When has anything that you’ve had that instant fix from been something you’re REALLY proud of?
My son went to an ice-fishing tournament this past weekend.
A lot of people don’t like fishing because sometimes – you don’t get a bite.
Sometimes – you don’t even catch anything.
It is SO fun when you do though.
Because you’ve waited – figured out the right bait – the right spot – the right depth – the right color….
They fished for 5 hours – and caught like 6 fish. But – ended up with 2nd place int he tournament. The fish weren’t biting that day – and lots of those fishermen didn’t catch anything.
Instant gratification is what most people seek.
We Moms?
Want our kids to learn hard work, perseverance, and the satisfaction of a job well done. We want them to learn self – discipline and understand that things worth working for are worth the patience and the time.
Instant gratification doesn’t play into any of those goals.
So – when you are “dying” to have a candy bar – think about this…. is your big goal worth that small moment of instant gratification?
How about setting a good example to your kids?
Side note – when you actually fill all your containers and eat all your servings of vegetables, fruits, carbs, healthy fats, and proteins – you won’t have as many of those cravings.
If you slip up? Get back up – because you’re ultimate goal isn’t worth you giving up on it.
[Day 16] – worked my BUTT. High and firm is our ultimate goal. So – breath through and get through – keeping in mind the vision of that body in mind.
Instant gratification won’t get me there – only determination, vision, and hard work….
Did you know you can try the moves in 80-Day Obsession before committing to it?
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The Fat of the Matter

I ran into someone the other day – who’s trying to lose some weight.
He says – he’s avoiding fat.
We’ve come a long way in the health and wellness industry and fat is not bad for you. In moderation.
Healthy fats….. like avocados, even butter to an extent, and swiss cheese .. are GOOD for you. And – your body needs them.
Another thing he said – is how “miserable” he is because he doesn’t “get to eat” anything he LIKES.
This is SO wrong of an approach.
He’s putting himself in a mindset of “I can’t eat this….” “I can’t eat that….”
When what would really work is, “oh – I get to eat THIS” and this….. and I’m going to feel so good…. (once the toxins work their way out that is…)
[Day 15] now…. some of the participants complained in Week 1 of actually feeling sick, slow, week,… even headaches.
Turns out – their bodies were so full of toxins from their lifestyles – these were symptoms of their bodies getting rid of the toxins.
Comes from all the processed food and junk.
Now – going into Week 3 – they’re feeling energized, better than ever, and they’re starting to see the changes in their bodies.
I can relate 🙂
So – keep going.
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Consistency Catch22

*Do. Or do not. There is no Try. ~Yoda*
Consistency builds energy, monee, health, muscle, a trimmed lawn…. Anything done consistently builds something.
Water consistently pounding on rock will wear it down (which builds a canyon)
Problem is – the struggle. It’s real.
How many people have already given up on their New Year Resolutions?
Maybe 1 or 2 of these will help:
1. Be real. Whatever it is – schedule it for like 3 days. Then work from there. Celebrate that small win – of doing whatever for 3 days – then do another 3 days. Baby steps instead of giant leaps.
2. Forget about “motivating” yourself. No one feels up to it or motivated every day. But – the successful ones – push through and do it anyway. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you do.
~As a Mom – being an example to my kids is most important…. ~
Your “why” or your “vision” or your “mission” – it has to be larger than YOU. It can START with you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting 6 pack abs or whatever. But when you dream bigger, think bigger, everything changes.
3. Replace old habits with new ones. One at a time. Habits – these things you do everyday – are what you build on.
~Think about it. You eat a candy bar everyday? Yeah that’ll build something. Replace that with a bowl of greens or a super-healthy shake? That’ll build something else.
4. No one’s perfect. So what if your action isn’t perfect? You have to start somewhere. Don’t let perfectionism become another excuse.
~You try a workout – don’t get the moves in – feel like you’re not getting it… so what? Figure out how to do better next time. Keep going. NEVER give up.
…… or – maybe it’s the wrong program for you. Maybe you need to change it up? Link later….
5. Re-program your self image. If you define yourself as fat – so you shall be. Make a new morning ritual that includes writing who you are. (really who you want to be – but make it seem like it’s who you are NOW).
~I have a 5 steps to manifesting your goals series – you can ask if you want it.
The Catch22 part of this? Is whatever you build on. If you build on bad habits – so you will continue in the rut you’re in.
If you build on better habits – so you will build momentum and climb out.
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