Consistency Catch22

*Do. Or do not. There is no Try. ~Yoda*
Consistency builds energy, monee, health, muscle, a trimmed lawn…. Anything done consistently builds something.
Water consistently pounding on rock will wear it down (which builds a canyon)
Problem is – the struggle. It’s real.
How many people have already given up on their New Year Resolutions?
Maybe 1 or 2 of these will help:
1. Be real. Whatever it is – schedule it for like 3 days. Then work from there. Celebrate that small win – of doing whatever for 3 days – then do another 3 days. Baby steps instead of giant leaps.
2. Forget about “motivating” yourself. No one feels up to it or motivated every day. But – the successful ones – push through and do it anyway. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you do.
~As a Mom – being an example to my kids is most important…. ~
Your “why” or your “vision” or your “mission” – it has to be larger than YOU. It can START with you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting 6 pack abs or whatever. But when you dream bigger, think bigger, everything changes.
3. Replace old habits with new ones. One at a time. Habits – these things you do everyday – are what you build on.
~Think about it. You eat a candy bar everyday? Yeah that’ll build something. Replace that with a bowl of greens or a super-healthy shake? That’ll build something else.
4. No one’s perfect. So what if your action isn’t perfect? You have to start somewhere. Don’t let perfectionism become another excuse.
~You try a workout – don’t get the moves in – feel like you’re not getting it… so what? Figure out how to do better next time. Keep going. NEVER give up.
…… or – maybe it’s the wrong program for you. Maybe you need to change it up? Link later….
5. Re-program your self image. If you define yourself as fat – so you shall be. Make a new morning ritual that includes writing who you are. (really who you want to be – but make it seem like it’s who you are NOW).
~I have a 5 steps to manifesting your goals series – you can ask if you want it.
The Catch22 part of this? Is whatever you build on. If you build on bad habits – so you will continue in the rut you’re in.
If you build on better habits – so you will build momentum and climb out.
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