Every Jump You Take

Every Squat You Make
Get’s you closer…..
It takes consistent action to reach a goal.
[Day 18] AAA (Abs, A**, Arms)
None of this is easy.
If it were easy – everyone would do it.
Every morning – I open my emails from my favorite writers. They’re Mom bloggers, copywriters, sales goo-roos-, marriage experts, and happiness experts.
One dude – who’s especially gruff (he tries for unsubscribes – love it)….
Went to a big ta-do…. and one of the exhibits (which took up 5 floors) was the “Pursuit of Happiness”….
50% = genetics
40% = thoughts / actions / behaviours
10% = rich / poor, healthy / unhealthy, married / not married
So – 50% you can’t control.
40% you CAN.
Only 10% is all the other stuff we doggedly pursue. The 40% is the only one that matters – because you can DO something about it.
Have a goal – work towards it. Take ACTION.
Every. Single. Day.
Humans are happiest when they have something to pursue. To work on.
You missed out on the 80-Day Obsession Challenge – but you can take a preview of it to see if it’s a program for you. The goal is to lift your butt and tighten your waist line.
Look for “A Little Obsessed” and try it for a week: www.goskinnyginny.com/bod
Or -ask me for a chat – see if I can help in any way.


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