Exercises For Beginners, Modified Moves

If you have an injury or something that prevents you from doing the moves in the DVD or Streaming workouts you’re doing at home, there are modifications you can make to the moves to make them doable for you.


CONSTULT Your Doctor before embarking on your fitness journey.  Especially if you’re a beginner.  That said – here are some modified exercises for beginners.

  • High Knees… in a lot of Beach Body Trainers’ videos, you run in place lifting your knees high.  If you’re knees can’t take the impact, simply march in place bringing your knees as high as you can.  As you build strength around your knees and as you build flexibility, you can lift higher, move faster, and work your way up to running in place.
  • Jumping Jacks…  Same as high knees – if your knees cant take the impact or you simply can’t jump (yet), step side to side, one foot at a time.
  • Jump Squats… Even really fit people have a hard time with these sometimes.  And they can be rough on your knees if you don’t do them right.  Lean up against a wall and keep your back straight on the wall.  Slide down the wall until you’re in proper squat position – OR as far as you can go.  Build strength in your legs before going to full squat.
  • Push-Ups…  There are 2 ways to modify pushups.  You can do them on your knees OR if you’re not strong enough for those yet, do incline pushups or do the pushups standing with your hands against the wall.  Remember – the whole point is to build strength and muscle, so make sure you only lighten the load enough that you can DO them but challenge yourself enough to build that muscle.
  • Mountain Climbers…  You do these the same as normal mountain climbers, BUT you SLIDE your feet instead of stepping or running in plank.  Use Strength Slides to do this.  If you can’t do plank at all because of your wrists – do them on an incline.
  • Pull-Ups… These are tough anyway!  Use resistance bands.  Wrap them around a door knob – or I’ve used them on the pullup bar.  When you’ve built up some strength using resistance bands, use a pullup assist band.


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