Hot Lemon Water Drama Queen

There’s a drama queen in every bunch.

They like lots of attention.

Get tweeted and retweeted and shared.

The latest one – is drinking hot lemon water in the morning.

There are definitely benefits – but it’s not the weight loss fad everyone thinks it is.

It WILL help – but that’s it. Because – duh – it’s healthy.



*Lemon helps your body detox because it helps the digestive system.

*Lemon balances your body’s pH.

*The combination of warm liquid with the lemon wakes up your digestive tract – so it keeps things moving along.

*Vitamin C. (you know – the immunity and free-radical fighting stuff?)

So yeah – go ahead and drink it up every morning.

Don’t expect dramatic changes from this queen.

DO join my 80 day challenge. (you have to request a call and talk to me – cause this isn’t for everyone and I simply won’t accept everyone)

Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~


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