Lack of Motivation, What Can You Do?

Lack of Motivation

Something You Can Do About Your Lack of Motivation

You start a new exercise routine and new diet and you’re TOTALLY psyched for it.  Maybe that lasts a week or two and then you start skipping the routine, having your chocolate bar, or whatever your old bad habits were. You start to really have a lack of motivation.
If you’re a home business owner – the same thing happens.  You’re SO excited to share when you first get going, then this lack of motivation starts to show itself again.
Sound familiar?
Here are some reasons you quit or fall back into your old rut:
  1. The reason why you’re doing this isn’t really for YOU.  Or it’s not a good enough reason.  Why do you REALLY want to start business?  Start a new routine?  Get into shape? Quit smoking?  You need to have a PASSION for making this change and it also falls back on your basic philosophy of life.
  2. You start clinging to your excuses.  And you start MAKING excuses.
  3. You get bored…  isn’t that just another excuse?
  4. You don’t BELIEVE in what you’re doing because you’re not seeing results NOW.
  5. You blame other people or things and not yourself for failing. 
  I’ve been there.  You CAN break the cycle and change habits.  
That’s the keyword – HABITS.  A habit is a powerful thing.  It’s something you do without even thinking about.  Getting to that healthier goal is only doable by creating healthier habits.
My latest personal development book – The Slight Edge – has re-enforced this idea in my head and I’ve had people ask me about this very thing – in their lives OR in their business.
The answer is – change your habits, change your life.  Jeff Olson talks about the power of compounding a penny and how it can become millions.  It works the same in your life.
First key – is to figure out WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.  Is it the past holding you back?  Do you desire to be healthier and happier?  Or are you doing this only because someone said, “you could lose a little weight”.  Are you clinging to your excuses?
Your new habits need to have a DEEP meaning to you.  
Seriously – DO you want to be here for your kids when they’re grown?  Do you want to play and spend quality time with your grandkids?  Then STOP the unhealthy habits.  They compound to an UNHEALTHY future self.  Sure – having that afternoon candy bar won’t hurt you today, but when you have one every day?  It’s compound effects over time will kill you.
Here’s my challenge to you.  Take ONE habit TODAY and change it.   Stop putting cream in your coffee or go for a 10 minute walk today.  Just pick ONE thing.  Then – you can start building on that one thing.  Comment and tell me what you decided to change today.
If you’re jumping into my next Challenge Group – I want you to really THINK about every decision you make every day.  Ask yourself – Will this move me forward in my quest?  Or backward?
Kick your lack of motivation to the curb by making tiny decisions that move you in the right direction.  Start climbing UP the Slight Edge.
Did you find any of this helpful?  Feel free to share and comment.

~Ginny Krouth~ 

Your Online Marketing Buddy and Fitness Coach

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