Pesticides in Food

Can You Avoid Pesticides in Food?

And – Which Foods Should You Buy to Avoid Pesticides in Food?

So – I’ve seen “evidence” and “studies” on both sides of the coin.  Pesticides in food should be a concern – they’re made to kill living things.  It’s really up to you – but read on for what I learned …  and watch the video for a visual.

First – some of the things I learned over the years and from some of the articles listed below my post on Pesticides in food:

  • Pesticides in food have been linked to simple things like headaches and nausea and to diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s.
  • Pesticides are used to KILL living things.
  • Other toxins used on our food sources include fungicides for fungus infections and rodenticides for rodents.
  • Children are more susceptible to the hazardous effects.

I found a couple of lists to reference if you’d like to avoid pesticides. HOWEVER – stick around, because I also found articles saying that Organic isn’t necessarily better.

So – according to Scientific American, the “natural” Pesticides and Chemicals used in their process is in some cases even MORE toxic than the stuff conventional farmers use. AND some of the studies sited are really based on farmers and workers who are already exposed to more chemicals than most of us.

Also – we are exposed to more toxins in our own homes than any place else according to them.

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Other references: Blog Post

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