The Fat of the Matter

I ran into someone the other day – who’s trying to lose some weight.
He says – he’s avoiding fat.
We’ve come a long way in the health and wellness industry and fat is not bad for you. In moderation.
Healthy fats….. like avocados, even butter to an extent, and swiss cheese .. are GOOD for you. And – your body needs them.
Another thing he said – is how “miserable” he is because he doesn’t “get to eat” anything he LIKES.
This is SO wrong of an approach.
He’s putting himself in a mindset of “I can’t eat this….” “I can’t eat that….”
When what would really work is, “oh – I get to eat THIS” and this….. and I’m going to feel so good…. (once the toxins work their way out that is…)
[Day 15] now…. some of the participants complained in Week 1 of actually feeling sick, slow, week,… even headaches.
Turns out – their bodies were so full of toxins from their lifestyles – these were symptoms of their bodies getting rid of the toxins.
Comes from all the processed food and junk.
Now – going into Week 3 – they’re feeling energized, better than ever, and they’re starting to see the changes in their bodies.
I can relate 🙂
So – keep going.
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