The Truth About Instant Gratification

When has anything that you’ve had that instant fix from been something you’re REALLY proud of?
My son went to an ice-fishing tournament this past weekend.
A lot of people don’t like fishing because sometimes – you don’t get a bite.
Sometimes – you don’t even catch anything.
It is SO fun when you do though.
Because you’ve waited – figured out the right bait – the right spot – the right depth – the right color….
They fished for 5 hours – and caught like 6 fish. But – ended up with 2nd place int he tournament. The fish weren’t biting that day – and lots of those fishermen didn’t catch anything.
Instant gratification is what most people seek.
We Moms?
Want our kids to learn hard work, perseverance, and the satisfaction of a job well done. We want them to learn self – discipline and understand that things worth working for are worth the patience and the time.
Instant gratification doesn’t play into any of those goals.
So – when you are “dying” to have a candy bar – think about this…. is your big goal worth that small moment of instant gratification?
How about setting a good example to your kids?
Side note – when you actually fill all your containers and eat all your servings of vegetables, fruits, carbs, healthy fats, and proteins – you won’t have as many of those cravings.
If you slip up? Get back up – because you’re ultimate goal isn’t worth you giving up on it.
[Day 16] – worked my BUTT. High and firm is our ultimate goal. So – breath through and get through – keeping in mind the vision of that body in mind.
Instant gratification won’t get me there – only determination, vision, and hard work….
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