This Email Contains a Nasty Bug

A Holiday Gift.
From the whole Ginny fam.
Not the flu (short for influenza…. which is a respiratory virus, not a stomach virus)…..
But some other very nasty virus which SEEMS like the flu. Aches, fever, clogged sinuses and lungs, and a cough that lasts at least 2 weeks.
My son missed his Cross Country finals because of it and some school – so did my daughter (missed school) – and both the hubs and myself missed work.
We NEVER call in sick.
But – we did.
So – bless you my friend – passing it on….
Pretty crazy – how contagious these things are. But even worse? Is how contagious the Whining bug is.
Scroll your fakebook feed, read some whining. Or better yet – click the fake news stuff on the right side of your fakebook feed.
See what happens?
It’s contagious.
How about hanging OUT with them – in PERSON. ??
I hope you get over this outrageously contagious virus quickly and come back on the positivity train…. because that’s the only place to make progress.
Believe me – I know. Guess where I’ve BEEN? Yup – didn’t work out. didn’t eat right…. Well – it IS a valid excuse because exercise when you have something like that actually may cause a relapse….
I’m on the mend – and I’m not hanging with the whiners. They drag you DOWN. SO – let’s DO something to keep going over the Holiday season. Want to come with me?
Just ask.
Your friend – in fitness and health, ~Ginny~ @learnwithginny


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