5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Blog

5 Reasons your Blog is not getting leads and leads mean sales

Are you blogging and getting no traction?  Are you looking for ways to get traffic to your Blog and get more people on your list?  Here are 5 tips that should help.

  1. You haven’t provided anything valuable to your readers.  Your readers find you because you’re answering a problem or a question they have.  When you solve a problem, you gain credibility and respect.  People value your opinion when you have value to offer.
  2. You don’t’ have a lead magnet.  What’s a lead magnet?  It’s something you have that your prospects will find valuable enough to trust you with their email.  Having an optin to subscribe won’t do – who REALLY wants MORE emails?
  3. You’re not speaking to the right audience.  Have you identified SPECIFICALLY who you’re talking to?  Have you identified this individual’s problem and given him or her a solution?  And when you solve a want, move on to a need.  Sometimes your customers don’t even know what they need, but they know what they want.  Have you heard of a funnel?  Check out DoComSecrets the link directly to it will be below my video.  There’s a lot of valuable information from an expert in funnels and upsells.  He calls it a value ladder.
  4. You don’t have a CTA in your posts.  Yes – you have to tell your readers what exactly to do.  “Click here and sign up for your free report….”  Have a CTA in everything you post. And – speaking of posts.
  5. You’re not sharing your blog enteries on social media.  Not just YouTube – on Facebook, Twitter – did you know both Twitter and Instagram allow you to upload videos?  If you’re not using social media at all and don’t have a business page, ask me about creating one.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in the past but it might be before I actually started this Blog!

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