11 Weird Weight Loss Hacks to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise

Here are 11 weird hacks to lose weight without dieting or exercise.  Of course, the goal IS to lead a healthier life style and food is definitely a REALLY important part – but these are some extra weird hacks I found that might help to lose weight without dieting or exercise.  I’ve tried a few as you’ll see in my vid below, but some I’ve never tried.

1. Sniff an apple, banana, or peppermint. From Dr. Hirsch’s Guide to Scentsational Weight Loss: – what I’ve done is chewed peppermint or spearmint gum and one of my more successful challenge participants does the same thing… when I’m having a craving, it’s been a great backup.

2. A number of French women wear a ribbon around their waist and under their clothes when they go out for dinner. It’d keep you conscious of how much you’re eating if the ribbon starts to feel tight.

3. Eat in front of a mirror. Not sure about this one – but maybe seeing yourself eating healthy will help OR maybe it’s so you see yourself being a pig.

4. Take a picture of your food. Interesting tip – instead of keeping a journal and writing it down – take pictures. I think this might be good for ME!

5. Light a vanilla scented candle at dinner – it supposedly helps dampen dessert cravings.

6. Imagining You’re Eating Food = Eating Less Food in Reality. This is based on the premise that if you’re presented with the same food over and over (visualizing) you’re desire to eat it is dulled. So before diving into that movie theater popcorn – picture yourself eating the whole giant bucket by yourself.

7. Add wrist weights when you blow dry your hair.

8. This one – many of my group members already know – have a buddy like your pet as a motivator to get out and walk. Some of my group members say they’re the most persuasive exercise buddies.

9. Drink a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning. One of my favorite hacks actually! You’re dehydrated in the morning. Think about it, you haven’t had anything to drink since yesterday. Adding fresh lemon juice gives you a dose on vitamin C plus more benefits.

10. Need sleep? Eat a kiwi. Not sure why – I guess there’s some research attached to the stylecaster link below where I found this one.

11. Put a background on your phone: Like this one:

Tweet: skinny girls look good in clothes…fit girls look good naked

#TuesdayTip put a motivating quote on your phone background to remind you af your goals.

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If you Find any of these weight loss hacks helpful to your goal, share with someone that might find them helpful.

Here are some of the sources I found some of these:

RD.com tips

Food Hacks at Wonder-How-To.com

StyleCaster Beauty and Life Hacks

email:  ginny@goskinnyginny.com

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